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S.No Contact Tele. No. Email ID Remarks
1 Secretary, KSB 26192362(F) 26192361(O) secretaryksb[at]gmail[dot]com
2 JD (Welfare) 20862446 jdwelfare-ksb[at]desw[dot]gov[dot]in
For Welfare Schemes related queries
3 JD (Policy) 26188098 jdpolicyksb-mod[at]gov[dot]in For matters concerning RSB & ZSB, Policy-related queries including ESM I Card
4 JD (Adm & Coord) 26192360 jd.cksb-mod[at]gov[dot]in
For MBBS/BDS Admission, Educational Concession Certificate etc related queries
5 JD (PMSS) 20862447 & 26713623 jdpmssksb-mod[at]gov[dot]in For PMSS related queries
6 JD (Accounts) 26192359 jdaccounts-ksb[at]desw[dot]gov[dot]in
For Accounts, AFFD Reciept related queries
7 JD (Grievance) 26179109 jdgrievancesksb-mod[at]gov[dot]in
For Grievances
8 JD (Automation) 20867132 jdautomationksb-mod[at]gov[dot]in
Web Information Manager
9 JD (Central Sainik Rest House) -

10 IVRS Helpline No. 26717987
For Technical queries

Postal address of Kendriya Sainik Board Secretariat

Kendriya Sainik Board
West Block-IV, Wing –VII
RK Puram
New Delhi-110066

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