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Armed Forces personnel are sent out of service at very young age. When theycome out of uniform, they face difficulties due to lack of stable income and are burdened with usualsocial/family responsibilities. The scheme to provide financial assistance for purchase of tool kits ofrequisite trade by ESM to enable them start service industries such as repair shop for cycles,sewing/knitting machines, scooters, tractors and agricultural implements, tube well pumps, TV,radio, plumbing, carpentry etc was started in 1980 with an amount of Rs 700/- for each case. Thisamount was revised to Rs 2,000/- in 1987 and to Rs 8000/- per case (onetime grant) in Dec 2009.


The aim of this grant is to provide financial assistance to start a second career.

Financial Assistance

For Tool Kit out of AFFD Fund is provided @ Rs. 8,000/- per case(one time).

Eligibility Conditions

The individual ESM holds the technical qualification to utilize the toolkits and has appropriate infrastructure to set up for self the proposed trade.


Application should be made as per the format placed at Annexure 1 withrecommendation of Zila Sainik Welfare Officer (ZSWO) with following documents:-

  • (a) Certificate saying that the individual has infrastructure to set up proposed trade forself and full address where he wants to set-up the trade be given.
  • (b) The Individual holds qualifications to utilise the tool kits. A copy of the training coursecertificate may be enclosed.
  • (c) Original copy of tool kits bill purchased.
  • (d) Copy of ESM Identity Card duly attested by ZSWO.
  • (e) Copy of Discharge Book/Document duly attested by ZSWO.
  • (f) Details of Bank A/c No (in PNB/SBI only) and IFS Code

Channel of Application

Application must be submitted by eligible ESM at concerned ZSB.ZSWO will scrutinize the application and if found correct in all respect, he will forward it to the KSBSectt for further processing.

Processing at KSB Sectt.

On receipt at KSB Sectt, the Welfare Section-in-Charge willassign the application to a particular clerk who will enter desired data from the applications in tocomputer. Another clerk will be designated to check correctness of the entries. The Section-in-Charge will verify the same and put up the case in relevant file for processing to JD(Welfare) who willobtain approval of Secretary, KSB.

Payment Procedure

After approval of Secretary, KSB, the application will be processed forpayment by the Welfare Section. After verifying the ESM's service number, name, banker's IFSCode and bank account number, etc, the Welfare Section will issue payment instructions to theAccounts Section for payment to concerned ESM via ECS.he payment.

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