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Admission into MBBS / BDS Colleges

Who all can apply ?
Only wards of Ex-servicemen from Army, Navy & Air Force can apply and wards of service personnel in Category-V only.
Can wards of service personnel apply?
Only those wards can apply whose parents are recipients of Gallantry Awards/Decoration Holders.
When can a candidate apply?
A candidate can apply only after the declaration of the NEET results by CBSE for the academic year.
Is qualification in NEET mandatory ?
Do you have to apply for separately for MBBS & BDS ?
Yes, separate applications are required for each.
Is PMSS consider the courses conducted abroad?
Approx 17 to 20 seats for MBBS are allocated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The number of seats may vary from year to year.
How many seats are reserved for admission in BDS course?
Approx 01 to 03 seats for BDS are allocated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The number of seats may vary from year to year.
Are the colleges where the seats are allocated fixed?
The colleges where the reserved seats are allocated may vary from year to year.
How is the merit list prepared?
Merit list is prepared priority wise & within each priority as per the NEET score.
How will the selected candidate for admission come to know?
The selected candidate will be informed telephonically of the date and time of counseling at KSB Sectt, West Block-IV, Wing-VII, RK Puram, New Delhi.
How are the seats of the colleges allocated?
Seats are allocated as per merit and the choices preferred by the candidates in the application form.
If a candidates does not want to take admission after applying or being selected what is to be done?
The candidate is required to inform KSB Sectt in writing/email of his/her intent.
Are service medals & Commendation Card included in Priority-V ?
No, they are excluded.
Can a candidate change his allocated college for admission?
No, seat once allocated will not be changed.
How many wards of ESM can avail this facility?
Only one child can avail the benefit.
Whom to contact for query if any?
Jt Dir (Adm & Coord), Tele No. 011-26192360, Email ID-
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